Valentine's Day Prep

I feel like we are always on the hunt for the best Valentine's Day gifts. Although gifts may be important, lets get down to the nitty gritty about Valentine's Day, the pre-Valentine's Day prep! 

Yes, shaved legs & cute outfit I purposefully haven't worn in weeks to make sure its clean, I'm talking to you. I'll admit, my husbands not great at Valentine's Day, a "Happy Valentine's Day Babe" would suffice if it were up to him. but I still look forward to the holiday! I mean I do love any reason to whip up a good recipe and put together an outfit worth showing off! I'm sure the boys will help me make a fun Valentine's Day Chex-mix to share but this year I'm leaving the dessert to someone else. I'll be sure to share it on our pages but you'll have to stay tuned because it'll be well worth the wait (and no it's not extravagant chocolate covered strawberries - quite the opposite actually).

Let's get back to it, shall we. the prep. Raise your hand if you always say you don't really want flowers but secretly hope for them anyways. Must be a girl thing cause same. My middle name is Rose after all... But let's worry about the things we can control. 

Insert cute outfit here! Whether you wear pink and red to celebrate the holiday, dress to the 10's, or fully commit to the comfy at home, we want to feel good! I've locked in my work outfit & pizza making outfit (see them below). Parker is actually getting Lasik eye surgery on Valentine's Day this year so I'll also toss in a photo of my chore fit just for kicks since I'll be helping fill in for chores. 

An outfit may be enough but we've always got to do a little extra, right? With every great outfit comes a great smell. I'm talking about that cologne he only wears for weddings that makes you want to smell him all night. If you don't have a good scent, here's your chance! Now I sell Mixologie so it may seem like I'm a little biased but man, when you find something this good, it must be shared. If you know me & heard me talk about Mixologie, then you already know that tender has a chokehold on me. The 2 roll-ons in my bathroom, 1 in my purse, 1 in my backpack, travel size in my carry-on may lead you to think I'm obsessed and it's cause I am. I stick to my guns & really usually only wear tender (it is simply the perfect mix of fruity/masculine that I can't get enough of). But if you're new around here and never tried them, I have these perfect little try-me kits that you can try a big of each one to see which one you (& your man) are obsessed with. Use Code valentine for 10% off all Mixologie (perks for reading the blog). 

Now some of you may plan a fancy dinner, but Parker & I decided years ago that he's not great at planning so we keep it nice & simple and stick with a good ol' pizza. Not just a frozen pizza though, I hand-make a great crust and shape it into a heart! Then just pile it up with all your favorite toppings. Pair it with a glass of wine & you've got a low maintenance, romantic dinner for 2... (plus Sawyer because he loves pizza). The easiest, best crust recipe is linked below! Sometimes we need to be reminded just because it's simple doesn't mean its not great. Sweet & Simple. 

Here's your last reminder to just connect, enjoy Valentine's Day however you please.

Thanks for reading,

Xo- Alli


Valentine's Day Chex-Mix Recipe  (I personally like the chocolate better than powdered sugar)

Pizza Crust  (And great news, you don't have to let this crust rise, it's so simple, promise)


Work Outfit { Top , Pants }

Pizza Date { Top (sold out in cream but have a couple blue & blush left!) }