J A N U A R Y >> Faves <<

Before I tell you the sweet little story behind this little biz, I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite things! As January is coming to an end I've gotten to use some of my Christmas gifts, I wanted to share with you a few I love + a few I've been lovin' on for months! I'm hoping to do this every few months to keep you in the loop with what small businesses I've been supporting & just things I generally can't live without! 

1. Mix*o*logie

>> I got hooked on Mix*o*logie on a short business trip to Chicago. My friend Caitlin was tagging along & when we came across their booth she said "Oh man, I love this stuff." After the tough decision of trying to pick a favorite scent I rolled it on & wore it ALL DAY! I would catch myself purposefully smelling my wrists & I knew I had to start carrying it at The Rustic Filly! Now I can't go a day without simply rolling on a scent or two & smelling good all day! My favorite scent is fruity, but you can mix any scents & create a totally unique scent for you! 

2. Apple Watch 

>> I got this last Christmas from my husband and I'm still lovin' it! It's so easy to work seamlessly and check updates on my watch without getting totally distracted by my phone! Plus, at The Rustic Filly we've started carrying watch bands so I can easily switch up my style depending what I'm wearing! 

3. Plum Paper Planner 

>> First off, I'm a total planner & organizing fanatic. Towards the end of every year I look forward to my Plum Paper Planner purchase! Running my own life + business gets complicated but I love how I can run both out of one planner! They are completely customizable so Parker, myself, + my business can all easily keep track of our schedules! I added dinner to my weekly calendar, so suppers are a breeze! As a small business owner, I added an additional little section for me to keep track of social media and all expenses! 

Little side note: I ordered this last September because I'm such a planner. Ennegram 3 much?! 

4. Amika Dry Shampoo 

>> Being a small business owner I've always been on the run! With all the new tricks for thin hair I've tried not washing it, different masks, and even just using conditioner but it wasn't until I got Amika Dry Shampoo that I really liked not washing my hair (sounds gross right?!). I've struggled with dry, brittle hair forever & this dry shampoo has helped me feel fresh & clean while working on growing stronger, softer hair! 

These are just a few things I've started off this new year loving! I'd love to hear if you try out any of my favorites or if you're already loving them! I'm also taking blog suggestions below so let me know what you'd love to see in the comments!