Hi there!

Hi there! 

New year, better me- Right?

Welcome to my new blog where I'll be sharing all the good stuff! This will be your new place for styling tips + tricks & read a little bit about this Midwest Farm Gal who opened up a boutique. 

So here's a little bit about me. 

My names Allison, but commonly know as Alli Cat, Alli Rose, or Big Al. Born & raised in small town Indiana where there's cornfields for miles + family ties go as far back as that old barn down the road. 

As a farmers daughter my brother, sisters, & I grew up sleeping in tractors, pickin' rocks, & driving tractors when we could hardly touch the pedals & see over the steering wheel at the same time. This was the time my passion grew for hard work & to never expect getting anything handed to me. This is also the time I learned to wake up early.

// Fun fact, I've never slept in past 9:30 //

Farming has been the center of my life since I was in diapers. Like all small country towns, I went thru 10 years of 4-H & that's where I met my now husband, Parker! In 7th grade I had the most embarrassing crush on this cute blonde & my freshman year of high school he finally returned those feelings! 

Fast forward a few years & I went off to college at Purdue University & my little dream began (more about the beginning of this little biz in another blog)!  Post graduation Parker popped the question, I started working full-time as a sales & marketing specialist for a powder coating company, & continue to work towards my dream, The Rustic Filly. 

// June 15, 2019 I married Parker Fought //

Parker is truly my best friend + he's a great husband! He's always trying to help my crazy ideas come to life. We love being together no matter if it's rides in the combine, adventuring across the states, riding around in his '69 Chevelle, boatin' around on the lake, or lovin' on our little dachshund, Mae. We currently live in a little lake oasis we're remodeling as we work on making it our perfect little home!

To close up, here's a little bit more about me- 

In my everyday life I love remodeling our little place, workin' on my little biz, traveling, riding horses, crafting, designing, and decorating. I love helping people & I love God and seeing what he can do in my everyday life! 

I'm so excited to continue this journey doing what I love! I'd love to hear back from you so tell me where you're from below! 

Xo- Alli Fought